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                                     Breeding for today, for the friendship of a lifetime......

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Breyerfest 2012 was even a bigger and better year then 2011!!!! Along with Lisa Murray hosting and setting it up she included Xavior, his owners, Eric and Rhonda Curfman from WV, his trainer Melanie Roesner from KY, the young stallion Cornelius, owned by Shirley Whirley, the stallion Baron owned by Kelly Peevy and Lena, owened by Barb Renico of Ohio!!

See the video below, taken by my phone, not the best but its a great video to show the veristility of this breed!!!

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Melanie above and me below...I only did the opening ceremony!

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Melanie below looking beautiful with her dress on!!!!

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Barb and Melanie

A group shot below:
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left to right: Cornelius (up Chris Zhand), Baron (up Kelly Peevy), Xavior (up Melanie Roesner) and Lena (up Kelly Bo-Belly)