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"Azahar MSM"
Cria Caballar Approved
2008 PRE Andalusian

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Cante Winds Farm note: We relinquished ownership of Az due to stallion behavior problems that sadly some stallions just have....I have frozen semen on him availble to me that I will use at a later date. It is not for sale to the public, it does not belong to me, so please do not contact us on frozen semen for sale, sorry.....




Azahar is impressively bred, his sire is Kripton/Seni II who was imported in 2004, stands 16'3 and owned by Amandalusian Farm, Kripton is the first   in IALHA history a horse has won the Junior Stallion title and returned the following year to win the Senior Stallion title at age FIVE. Kripton was also named one of the top 5 finalists for the USEF Horse of the Year!! To see more on this click here, It's a really cool video to see and hear about allot of Kripton's achievements, which is way to many to list here!!

Az's dam is the beautiful bay mare, Catalina by the ever famous stallion Bravio, who doesn't know that name in the Andalusian world? Catalina is the 2009 Winner of the prestigious Pacific Rim award for '09.  Garnering international wins in halter, western, Doma, English and Country Pleasure.  She is also many time Champion halter mare both in Canada and the NW.

Azahar is APPROVED with the  Cria Caballar

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2013 Shows:

Was not shown


2012 Shows:

The Buckeye Baroque Summer Jubilee Horse Show

2nd Place: Andalusian Stallions 3 and over
Andalusian Championship: Reserve Champion

3rd Place: Andalusian Best Movement
1st Place: Andalusian Liberty   
1st Place: Andalusian Walk/Trot
1st Place: Walk/Trot Open


2011 Shows:

The Buckeye Baroque Summer Jubilee Horse Show

1st Place: A/L Stallions 3 and Over
1st Place: Opportunity Class, Stallions and Geldings open to all breeds
High Point Andalusian

ERAHC Classic

1st Place: Junior Stalions 3 & 4 yr olds
5th Place: Best Movement
5th Place: Sport Horse In-Hand (10+ entries)
1st Place: Liberty (was later taken, someone decided we wasnt allowed to use a bag....though it's allowed by the USEF rules...hhhmmmmm)
2nd Place: 3yr old colts

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A few pics from the Buckeye show in 2012 Liberty Class.....



Azahar's Sire Kripton/Seni II: Who is a 2011 Breyer Andalusian horse model!!!!

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Owned by Amandalusian Farm

I got to meet Nancy and Kripton at the Breyerfest 2011, what a wonderful person and a beautiful stallion!!! Which makes me even more excited to own a son of his!!!
IMG_1621.JPG (1547167 bytes)Me with Kripton!! IMG_1622.JPG (1586588 bytes)

Azahar's Dam Catalina:

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Owned by Moonstruck Meadows




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