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Valor has quite an impressive back ground, please be patient while page loads:

CH: Champion / WGC: World Grand Champion / BHF Broodmare Hall of Fame


Graphic Excursion (Valor's Sire)

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thundercroppedjump.jpg (394778 bytes)  thunderjumpfront.JPG (2944163 bytes)
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CH Anacacho Shamrock

Anacacho_Shamrock1.jpg (13011 bytes) Anacacha_Shamrock2.jpg (53972 bytes)

Anacacho Denmark

anacachodenmark1.jpg (6662 bytes)

Belle Le Rose BHF(1933 & 1934 5-Gaited WGC)bellelerose1.jpg (30332 bytes) Bourbin King

Bourbon_King1.jpg (31052 bytes) Bourbon_King2.jpg (33013 bytes)

Champagne Fizz

Champagne Fizz.jpg (35448 bytes) ChampagneFizzStanding.jpg (21938 bytes)

Easter Cloud (1917 5-Gaited WGC)

 Easter Cloud.jpg (49567 bytes)

Edna May BHF

Edna_May1.jpg (34731 bytes)


Edna May King (5-gaited WGC)1921 Became the first stallion to the qualifier for the WGC twice and then the first horse to win the Big Stake ridden by an amateur. This would not happen again until Michele Macfarlane won with CH Sky Watch in 1988.

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Forest King

 Forest_King1.jpg (31881 bytes)

Guided By Love

Guided_by_Love1.jpg (29907 bytes)

Kalarama Colonel

 KalaramaColonel1.jpg (16072 bytes)

Kalarama Rex

KalaramaRex.jpg (12121 bytes)

CH King Genuis

king genius.jpg (20737 bytes) kings genius2.jpg (25685 bytes)

Mr. Butterfly

Mr._Butterfly.jpg (70861 bytes)

Night Of Folly

NightofFolly1.jpg (21242 bytes)

Princess Eugenia BHF Dam to CH King Genuis Princess_Eugenia1.jpg (32540 bytes) Princess_Eugenia2.jpg (37523 bytes)
Rex Peavine

Rex_Peavine1.jpg (30503 bytes) RexPeavine2.jpg (20009 bytes)

Society Rex

SocietyRex1.jpg (59389 bytes)a yearling.

Society Rex 3.jpg (8564 bytes) Winning in Fine Harness and 5-Gaited. Sire of some of the great broodmares including Kate Haines. Society Rex4.jpg (55492 bytes)

Spring View's Spirit, a 90% color producer! (Valor's grand-sire)


Spring View Spirit1.jpg (546114 bytes)

Stonewall King

 Stonewall_King.jpg (82377 bytes)

Supreme Sultan

supreme sultan1.jpg (31315 bytes) Supreme Sultan2.jpg (37699 bytes)

Thunder Island

Thunder1.JPG (33612 bytes)  Thunder2.JPG (31287 bytes) Thunder3.JPG (24356 bytes) Thunder4.JPG (26339 bytes) Thunder5.JPG (13256 bytes)

WGC CH Valley View Supreme

 Valley View Supreme1.jpg (6380 bytes) valleyviewsupreme2.jpg (28726 bytes)

Last but not least WGC CH Wing Commander Wing_Commander2.jpg (10404 bytes) WingCommander_with_ribbons.jpg (59382 bytes) WingCommander_w_Earl_Teater.jpg (73565 bytes)

His lines also include these famous Broodmare Hall of Fame mares other than above:

* Flirtation Walk (Wing Commander's dam)
*Sally Cameron (anacacho Shamrock's dam)
*Jane Black (Anacacho Denmark's dam)
*Gloriann (Stonewall King's dam)
*Annie C (Bourbin King's dam)
*Daisy 2D (Rex Peavine's dam)
*Abie's Irish Rose (Ridgefields' Genius dam)
*Spelling Bee (dam to BHF Flirtation Walk)
*Blessed Event (Genius Bourbon King's dam)
* Nancy Thurman (Kalarama Rex's dam)
*Lera Jemeson (Dam to BHF Belle Le Rose)
*Spoonbill (Society Rex's dam)
*Diana Gay (Valley View Supreme's dam