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                                     Breeding for today, for the friendship of a lifetime......

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Nola Dawn CWF
American Saddlebred filly

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Chicala   CWF
American Saddlebred

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His name is Lakota Indian meaning colt, we call him "Chico" for short.



Elegant Surprise CWF
American Saddlebred filly

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Epic Story CWF
American Saddlebred

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  Going to be over 16hh, this girl is now sadly deceased from an accident.


Nikita Filly
American Saddlebred

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Just a few hours old.....we sadly lost this filly the next day.








Little Miss Firecracker
American Saddlebred
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Rose of Valor
National Show Horse

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(Arabian/Am.Saddlebred) Filly, 1 day old


Hanover Adagio's Prince Raleigh
American Saddlebred/Swedish Warmblood

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Almost 17hhs!!

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His owner does horse photography ....what an awesome job!!!!


Wild Gypsy Winds CWF
American Saddlebred

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Thunder Struck CWF


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When Thunder was in training earlier in '07.

16'3 1/2


American Saddlebred

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Esoteric's Unrivaled Champagne CWF
American Saddlebred


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