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                                     Breeding for today, for the friendship of a lifetime......

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Pedigree for Donadio H

Ascesion (black)
ascension.jpg (17930 bytes)

Maestro (black)
Maestro1.jpg (45459 bytes)

Dejado.jpg (22716 bytes)

Ganador VIII (bay)
Ganador_VIII.jpg (32806 bytes)

Dejada II (bay)

Encalada (grey)

Partidario IV (grey)

Juguetona XI (grey)

Granada K (black)
Granada_K.JPG (45963 bytes)

Belico II (grey)

Habanero XI (grey)

Belica III (grey)

Diablura II

Genil (grey)

Intrusa II (bay)

Gema TG (grey)
GemaTG.JPG (38391 bytes)

Tribuno (grey)

Vinatero V (grey)

Panadero VII (grey)

Vinatera VI (grey)

Carcelera VII (grey)

Capitan XIII (grey)
Capitan_XIII_2.JPG (40582 bytes)

Nevada III (grey)

Ferianta III (black)

Poseido V (bay)

Poseido_V.JPG (91617 bytes)

Nevado III (grey)
Nevado_III_-1.jpg (39879 bytes)

Poseida II (bay)

Quisquillosa II (black)

Nostalgico (bay)

Lancera IV (bay)

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