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I have tried to do allot of research into Donadio's bloodlines but I find it hard to get very many pictures of his back ground. But I have found a few:


Of course his sire Ascension

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some cuties of Ace as a baby:

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1 week old

Ace 4 months head shot.jpg (24613 bytes)  Ace 4months.jpg (53035 bytes)
4 months old


Granada K

Ascension's dam(black) was bred by Hermanos Jimenez Saintz, Mexico.
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Ascension's sire

*Maestro, the very nice true black stallion bred by the Parras in San Antonio, Texas and his sire *Dejado (black) bred by Escalera , Spain.

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Capitan XIII

(grey) was bred by Antonio Diosdado Palcicious, Spain
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Gema TG
Donadio's dam

  Her sire *Tribuno   (grey) was bred by Marcela Grey, Mexico City

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*Nevado III

(grey, Poseido V's sire) is also one of the most famous foundation stallions of the Terry Ranch in Spain.

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    NevadoIII.JPG (63262 bytes)Nevado III.JPG (147399 bytes)



(grey) a foundation Terry stud in Spain.

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*Bilbaino III  

(Novato x Bilbabia)

  Bilbaino III.JPG (171089 bytes)


*Poseido V

(bay) is a very famous stallion from the Terry Stud, bought as a foundation horse by Paco Lazo in Spain. He is also the sire of the bay stallion that is on the cover of "Vavra's Most Beautiful Horses" *Cordobes XX.

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Hacendoso IX

Hacendoso IX.jpg (40780 bytes)


Novato '37

Novato '37.jpg (44342 bytes)


Descarado II '49

Descarado II '49-1.jpg (24217 bytes)  Descarado II '49-2.jpg (35617 bytes)  Descarado_II.JPG (19768 bytes)


Ganador VIII

Ganador VIII.jpg (32806 bytes)


Belico II

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Hechicero '28

Hechicero.JPG (14471 bytes)


The famous Terry Stallion: Hacendoso IV

Hacendoso IV.jpg (36336 bytes)


*Genil (grey) bred by Miguel Cardenas, Spain, he was the Champion of Spain and Mexico.       
*Carcellera VII (grey) and her sire *Capitan XIII (grey) was bred by Antonio Diosdado Palcicious, Spain
*Ferisnta III (black) was bred by Paco Lazo, Spain, and her sire *Hosco IV (bay) a very famous Terry stallion.