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Pronounced like Chauntay, a Sioux Indian name meaning heart)
Our beautiful 220 acre farm is located in Elizabeth, West Virginia.
We are a full breeding facility offering foundation stock American Saddlebreds, Andalusians, Half-Andalusians (Iberian Warmbloods), Friesians and Half-Friesians
We take allot of pride in our horses and feel we have produced some outstanding horses in not only conformation, dispositions, dressage, sports and trail pleasure.

We welcome you to Cante Winds Farm


Pete you were so sadly missed  on our trips to Middle Mountain, it wasn't the same. you will always be forever in our hearts!
You were always a best friend and a great vet!

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Dr. Abbott "Pete" Smith, 2009, his favorite place on Middle Mountain, the Sod Country, on Unique.

Equine Adjusting & Massage

Can you answer yes to any of the following?

1. Refusing or resisting leads?
2. Head or Neck discomfort
3. Shortened strides?
4. Leg scuffing?
5. Hip or Shoulder lamesness?
6. Girthing problems?
7. Cold backed?
8. Loss of performing ability
9. Tossing head?
10. Forging?


~ Call for a Consultation ~
304-482-5232 or 304-474-3789




Julie Smith on the purchase of Alexa de Xavior CWF

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Friesian Stallion

We are saddened to say that in May of 2014 we lost Xavior to a stomach rupture, Xavior was a true testament to the Friesian breed on what they truly are in presence, attitude and diversity to show in several disciplines. He won multiple championships and a two time Reserve World CH, and always receiving IFSHA and USEF year end awards. At the moment X has one offspring on the ground, but several due next year and we do have frozen semen on him also....

He will be truly truly missed!!!

x2.jpg (308939 bytes) Xavior

See all of Xaviors placements and some show pics at his page:Show Pic and Placements




"Donadio H"
PRE Andalusian Stallion

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We have a beautiful pure 1999 Spanish Andalusian stallion,Cria Caballar approved, 16hnds.
"Donadio H". Donadio is the  foundation sire to Cante Winds Farm breeding program
for the Andalusian, Iberian Warmbloods (Foundation SIre), Half-Andalusians, Spanish-Norman (Foundation Sire) and he is
also in the Friesian Blood Horse Registry, Barouque Category as a Sactioned Stallion. .
He has produced a wide range of color (black,bay, classic champagne, grey and
buckskin) along with great conformation and attitudes!! Great Terry bloodlines.

Donadio7soft edges jpg.jpg (143270 bytes)    Donadio H



"Unrivaled Valor CWF"

American Saddlebred Stallion

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A true black and white pinto 2000 American Saddlebred stallion  
Valor has some of the nice old hard to find blood lines in his pedigree.
He is very well mannered boy and great movement!  Producing big offspring and built very nice!!

Registered with ASHA 


 Valor neck .jpg (34695 bytes)Unrivaled Valor CWF






We will except PayPal for all tapes requested, stallion fees and horse sales!!


We can be contacted at :


Cante Winds Farm, LLC
Eric & Rhonda Curfman, 
874 Science Hill Rd, Elizabeth, WV 26143


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